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October 19, 2021

10 Things to Think About Before Developing Software


It’s challenging to be a startup or a business owner if you are starting in the business world. There is a sea of apps and software options on the market right now and the chances that your software or app goes unnoticed are very high. Therefore it’s crucial to have a team of professional software developers and a forward-thinking development team that you can rely on. However, building an app from scratch is not only in the hands of the developers you hire. A whole machinery of people lies behind each software that you see on the market. Take a look at some of the things you have to think about before opting for developing software.

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it's crucial to have a team of professional software developers and a forward-thinking development team that you can rely on
It’s crucial to have a team of professional software developers and a forward-thinking development team that you can rely on

Knowing your audience

You should always know your audience first regardless of the business you set up. If you already have a website or a business, you can start with the buyer personas you already created. Consider that consumers downloaded more than 200 billion apps in 2019 and 2020, and this number is not likely to go down. You need to understand who your clients are. Going deeper into their psychological profile and analyzing their pain points are the first steps you need to take. The same goes if you want software for a specific group of people. You need to know how they’re thinking and what they perceive as important.

Knowing your audience is also essential when it comes to the functionality of the app and the design. Different target groups ask for other features, so as soon you know that, the better.

Concept proofing and purpose of the software

After thinking of your ideal target audience, it’s time to do some concept proofing. More than hundreds of billions of mobile app downloads or software installations happen yearly. Because of that, it’s very beneficial to think about all the applications that exist right now. You don’t want your app to be the same as another one, so think about how much it can stand out from the crowd. There is no reason to develop software that already exists, so there might be space for improving the existing idea and making it better.


In 2021, no one’s safe! Staying secure is one of the most important things at the moment. Any professional software development company such as Hybrid IT Solutions knows how important keeping information safe and secure is. We store all our important data on our mobile phones and computers today. What do you think would happen if someone hacked into the app and got ahold of the users’ data?

This means that creating an app without data protection would be a colossal disaster. It’s unforgivable to ask for people’s information and not secure the app that you want to develop. Because of that, make sure that you have plans and procedures in place before you start developing the actual app or software.

Coding according to budget

The budget that you have allocated for this purpose matters a lot. This is not the place to cut costs – you need your software to run as smoothly as possible. If you pay less for something so important, the final result might not be what you expected.

That is why it’s imperative to choose the right software development company and a team you can rely on. It’s always easier to work with people you trust and feel comfortable with. Selecting the team you will work with is something we encourage here at Hybrid IT Solutions. You can choose the team you want to work on your project and make agreements on how often you will be in touch.

Bear in mind that choosing the right software development company is what makes or breaks your final product.


Several things are crucial when software is concerned. The user experience and functionality are on top of that list, and the design doesn’t fall far behind. Did you know that 13% of app users will tell 15 or more people about their bad experience on the app? On the contrary, 72% will testify to the good experience they got from a specific app.

Design sells in every industry, including software development. In this case, design is connected to user experience, so your goal is to have an app that is both user-friendly and nicely designed. So, what can you do? Try to answer some of the following questions:

– Who is your app for, and what is their general aesthetic?

– What are the dominant colours that you want?

– How do you want people to perceive your app and your brand?

What adjectives do you associate with your app? (This will help you get a clear picture of how your app should look like)

Functionality in an app or software is the most important, yet not the only thing that matters. Investing more into good and user-friendly design will be good for your business and keep the users satisfied.

Hire a software development company
Research is also something you want to have on top of your to-do list if you decide to hire a software development company to develop your product

Supported platforms

If you are developing a mobile app and not software, you need to think about the platform you want to place it on. Right now, there are two dominating mobile app platforms – iOS and Android. On the other hand, the software can be pushed through Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, or Linux. Think about who will be using your software and the benefits of each platform. Is your software for a specific group of people, such as the employees of your company? Or is it for a wider audience?


Research is also something you want to have on top of your to-do list if you decide to hire a software development company to develop your product. Learn more about how your software can be different from your competitors, what features you want to include and why, and think about additional statistics.

Set a realistic timeline for the project

You will not be thinking about the timeline by yourself. The developers in charge of your project will have to give their own two cents on the topic. It would be good to have a specific timeline for the project in mind, mainly because this is not an easy task that can be done quickly. Also, know that there might be a chance for unavoidable delays.

Test best practices

Code testing is one of the critical parts of every software development process. Skipping this step is never advisable as it will help you determine what problems your product might have and how to fix them. Different tests might take place to detect errors and bugs before deploying the code, such as:

– Unit testing

– Integration and system tests

– Static code analysis

– Performance checks and memory checks

– Load and stress tests

– Peer review

The post-development maintenance

Did you think that caring for your software ends after the software development company sends its final product? Think again. All software applications need to be carefully maintained, especially if they deal with complex data. The software development company that was in charge of the project can also be in charge of this. It’s always good to have the same team who worked on your software to maintain it in the post-development process.

Mobile app development and software development differ. However, the same things matter in the planning process. Knowing these things in advance will only help you carefully plan the whole software development process. If you need help with developing software, feel free to contact us, as we have all of the mentioned above in mind.