December 13, 2021

Going Hybrid: 4 Benefits of the Hybrid Work Model


The nature of how and when we work drastically changed since the start of the pandemic. COVID-19 brought many challenges, but also great new ideas and solutions that we weren’t using as much as we should have in the past. One such thing is the hybrid work model. This work model existed before COVID-19 yet few companies realized its benefits. Today many software development companies opt to go hybrid.

The hybrid work model is a plan that incorporates a mixture of office and remote work. In this work model, employees can choose if they work from home or come to the office. In some instances, there are specific guidelines that they have to follow. There are three different types of hybrid work models, and most companies choose the one they are most comfortable with and the one that suits their business the most.



Many big companies are choosing to go remote-first. This means that their operations closely mirror those of a fully remote company, yet with a few exceptions. These companies will keep their offices for those employees who value them. However, these companies might require employees to continue coming to the office if their job requires their physical presence. The main principle of this model is that the company acts as a fully remote company with employees in different time zones. Team members always use online communication. Big companies such as Quora and Dropbox have already shifted to this model of hybrid work model. This means that their employees can relocate away from the office and anywhere in the world, yet they will have the option of using their office space if they want it.


On the other hand, some companies are eager to get back to the office. The general idea of the office-occasional hybrid model is that employees come to the office several times a week. Depending on the company’s needs, the office-occasional model can be

  • loose (employees can come to the office several times a week on the days they choose) or
  • guided (employees have to work from the office every Monday or Friday, for example).

The office-occasional hybrid work model is dominant in software development companies such as Hybrid IT Solutions. This model is between the remote-first and office-first models, yet it can be pulled in either direction without a clear idea and guidelines. However, one of the main benefits of this work model is that employees can choose how they want to work every week.

Office-first, remote allowed

The last option is to keep both options open but designate the office as the primary place for working. In many instances, this was the standard setup prior to COVID-19, but some companies are only now opting for it. Even though this model has plenty of benefits as it allows its employees to work from home from time to time, there is the pitfall that remote workers can feel alienated from the rest of the team.

The office-occasional hybrid work model is dominant in software development companies such as Hybrid IT Solutions


Work when you’re most productive

In an office-first or office-only model, employees are expected to work from 9 to 5 every workday. On the other hand, in the hybrid model, employees are more flexible in choosing when they are the most productive. This can bring significant benefits to the team and the company. While some people prefer to work in the morning hours, others feel more motivated in the afternoon or even evening.

Better work-life balance

Flexibility is one of the main reasons why employees like to opt for the hybrid work model. Finding a work-life balance is challenging nowadays as it is. This work model makes it easier for people to take control of their own schedules, espeically in a software development company. They are available to choose their own free time based on their personal life activities and focus on their tasks when they feel motivated and most productive.

Reducing exposure to illness

Many people are attracted to the hybrid work model because they are worried about their health and safety. Since COVID-19 started, more and more people have decided to continue working from the comfort of their homes as they spend less time in contact with other people who might be COVID-positive. Because of this work model, sick people can stay at home and work from there if they feel well enough. Hybrid IT Solutions cares about the well-being of its employees, so they can choose if they want to come to the office or stay and work from home.

Hiring talents across the globe

Another benefit of the hybrid work model is the fact that a company can hire talents from all around the globe. Once the company has a broader talent pool to hire people from, it gives them a competitive edge and more benefits than before. Apart from that, this option can help your company move into new markets and ensure constant productivity. The Hybrid family employs professionals from several countries, because our goal is to create the best software development team that you and your business can rely on.

It seems that the hybrid working model is only to become stronger in the future. Having a top-notch company doesn’t only mean working on your portfolio or your employee’s skills. It also means caring about the health and well-being of your employees. That is why we here at Hybrid IT Solutions do whatever we can for our employees’ satisfaction. Their satisfaction leads to better performance, and that’s why we’re great at what we do!